The Environment

We are committed to ensuring that we minimise the environmental impact of our work.

Part of our business comprises the provision of a range of industrial services and this division has ISO 140001:2015 accreditation. We ensure that:

  • we identify the risk of pollution arising from any of our activities and services and we either eliminate, or effectively control, such risks to meet all regulatory requirements relating to the environment
  • we minimise unnecessary use of materials, resources and energy
  •  we minimise the environmental effect of all future developments and carry out appraisals of the environmental effect of sourcing of raw materials
  •  we reduce waste to the lowest practicable level ensuring responsible disposal of waste created and received, and we undertake environmental audits, measuring the results against established targets

We involve our employees in all environmental matters and we provide them with suitable training. We also ensure that anyone working on our behalf agrees to comply with our environmental policy.